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A single mind questions, can be insightful and susceptible to change. A group however is more difficult. It behaves more primitive and follows rather than ask. I want to call the behavior of group, a trend. Imagine that trend behavior is like a rapid. You try to swim against it for a while but in the end it's easier to just go along. Trends are what makes man so incredibly powerful. There are trends that control the masses and ultimately creates habits. It is therefore erroneous trends such as fanaticism, racism, sexism and many other kinds of isms founded in ignorance, that must be fought. The best way to change a habit is by knowledge and replacing the bad habit with a good.

For a long time we have been aware of environmental problems but almost in slumber waiting for someone else to act, waiting for the trend to change. And now it has. The dark consuming has taken an important step into the light, and it is nowadays fashionable to think sustainable, animal-friendly and to give back to nature. This is a habit worthy of changing into. Social media raises awareness as a consolation in the otherwise total lack of citation. It awakens us out of the sleepy state we've been in, and simply have just thrown the ball forward. It now gives us every reason to look for answers and question ourselves.

The ecological stamp has become a rule rather than the exception in the clothing industri. No one wants to be part of a dirty industry and that habit is good.


During the 50's Yvon Chouinard, an avid outdoor geek with special interest for both fishing and climbing, started a company that made and sold climbing equipment. During the start-up of his company Yvon lived more often next to a rock wall than in a comfy bed, partly for his passion for climbing, but not unusual for financial reasons. 1964 he released his first mail order catalog in which he announced that shipments could be delayed during climbing season... It laid the foundation for Patagonia, which today is one of the strongest brands in outdoor clothing. Yvon hated to see himself as an entrepreneur, but his passion forced him to realize that no one else could better implement his ideas. To benefit from consuming and at the same time fight for environmental sustainability was a strong contradiction to Yvon.


Yvon Chouinard shared his thoughts with Craig Mathews, owner of Blue Ribbon Flies, and the two successful entrepreneurs understood that money paramount for creating a change. They started the One Percent for the Planet, an organization whose affiliates gave back 1 percent of their sales.

Today, the "One Percent" has over 1200 member companies and pass $ 100 million in grants for environmental issues.

There are people who Yvon and Craig who will change the world. Not only because they are good people, but because they have seen what will happen if we do not react now. When the rapids find a new way, old habits will be washed away and replaced by new ones. That is how change happens and it starts with small changes in ourselves.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Except for bears. Bears will kill you.

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