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Everyones Favourite™ Beanie
Mountain Hardwear
Everyones Favourite™ Beanie349 kr
W's Stretchdown™ Jacket
Mountain Hardwear
W's Stretchdown™ Jacket3 199 kr
M's Stretchdown™ Parka
Mountain Hardwear
M's Stretchdown™ Parka4 299 kr
M's Stretchdown™ Hoody
Mountain Hardwear
M's Stretchdown™ Hoody3 399 kr
MHW Logo™ Camp Hat
Mountain Hardwear
MHW Logo™ Camp Hat499 kr
MHW Logo™ Trucker Hat
Mountain Hardwear
MHW Logo™ Trucker Hat349 kr
Lamina™ 15F/-9C Long
Mountain Hardwear
Lamina™ 15F/-9C Long2 499 kr

Genuine outdoor goods from Norwegian Amundsen Sports


Gloves, techical shells, down, skins, et cetra.

American Outdoor goods to be worn in to style.

Cooking outdoors made easy with GSI

All-american knifes and tools for demanding days on the mountain or prarie.

Darkness is upon us. Defeat the darkness.

Handmade boots from the footwear capital of Sweden


Clever and durable outdoor kits

Cover your eyes

Aero Zebra Light
Julbo 1 014 kr
(1 449 kr)
Julbo 775 kr
Loop L
Julbo 449 kr
Julbo 542 kr
(775 kr)
Suspect Falcon
Julbo 1 154 kr
(1 649 kr)
Explorer 2.0
Julbo 1 499 kr
Venturi Zebra
Julbo 881 kr
(1 259 kr)

Blankets, clothing and accessories


Tough Duck is Canadian Workwear for freezing conditions


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What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Except for bears. Bears will kill you.

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