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For the love of fjords

Epic views, happy people, monster trails. For those who don’t mind travelling a bit, then walking a bit more, the mountains of Sogndal are the Shangri La of fast, flowy, techy trailriding with Unesco quality backdrops. There is nothing easy about accessing the trails, but rewarding for those willing to go the extra mile. Geographically, the area is situated in the middle of that fat part of Norway on the map and there are mountains and fjords in all directions. This makes travelling the region a slightly time consuming enterprise but for avid trail riders, it’s worth the inconvenience just for the quality of the trails.

The scenery, the same views that happen to attract tourists from all over the world, is just a bonus.


It’s a great time to be a mountain bike rider in Norway. Sure, the mountain riddled, fjord infested land of oil and bravery has always been a veritable playground for everything and everyone gravity oriented, but right now the trail building and riding community is shaping the future in a uniquely bright way. New school riders spawning from the freeskiing movement in areas like Sogndal and Hallingdal have come together with enthusiastic entrepreneurs to create accessible trail networks with one foot in action-packed gravity oriented flow trails and the other in commercially sustainable trails for the curious beginners. In this intersection of natural and man made, rugged and accessible, this a golden time to be exploring Norway on a bike.


For the experienced rider there are no better areas to visit than the innermost arms of the vast Sognefjord and Nordfjord. High alpine peaks with trails winding down through grazed farmlands, steep switchback sections and loamy pine forests ending up by the green tinted water in the largest fjord systems in Norway. The surrounding grandness is ever present but it’s the soil that gets the pro riders juicing. The brown gold of glacial silt deposits, mud and sand is of unsurpassed quality and it makes any trail builder cry with joy and excitement. Paradise on two wheels.

Today, with a bit of help from an experienced guide, even beginner level riders can get down these trails safely. With better bikes designed in recent years and the new movement of diggers and trail improvers, these areas are accessible in a whole new way and for a whole new group of riders. What you need is a craving for adventure and a bit of stamina or a thick forehead.

And a good guide to keep you safe.



Whether you’re an expert level rider or new to the sport, there are an abundance of trails to explore in the region. Fjälläventyr arrange tours to Sogndal with experienced guides, accommodation, shuttling and food, available as full week packages or custom tours for groups.

You’ll need a modern trail or enduro bike, a helmet, some good pads and basic fitness. All but the last item can be rented. The area offers plenty of off-the-bike activities like climbing, kayaking, fishing, rafting, summer skiing and beer. The beer is very expensive though.

Check out fjallaventyr.com for more info.

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