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Somewhere between ski boots and saddles

I remember my childhood as exciting way beyond what many contemporaries could dream of. There were always new guests and animals on the farm as a mixture of ranch and Swedish mountain resort, ski boots and sadles . The guests came to spend a week in chaps and cowboyhat to meet western dream. Me and my sister where usually busy breaking in the horses that often arrived the same day as the guests. In order to have twenty horses we rented these out during the winter, to riding schools where they learned the little tricks and devilry that was required to buck of a too boring riders. I remember my father once asked me if it would´nt have been easier not to be on the horse while it was bucking...  Today I know what he ment.


1986 was the first time dogsledding for me. My father asked if I thought it was funny in the short round as we went. I do not even remember what I said, but I know that just a year later, we had close to 40 dogs.

My sister has always loved horses and was better at reading them. For me it was more beeing a cowboy. In retrospect, I'm quite happy that I immediately became more interested in dog sledding and could leave my riding aching body behind me .

I have since owned and raised hundreds of dogs and remember all dogs in their own unique way . A life with animals is truly exciting and rewarding. My father always told me that he had lived half his life with animals, the other half was wasted.

Today we have about 70 dogs and we take hundreds of guests every year on exciting and different experiences with the same passion that my father had 40 years ago.


Mountain adventure is not just a business but a lifestyle, a passion that is as much about the joy of taking guests on wild adventures as getting the most out of life. Today, perhaps more than ever, we need to turn our focus outdoors. Forests, mountains and the sea has an incredible effect on us and the more we let "I should" take over the more we lose the desire to go out. If you loose contact with nature, we are doomed for unhealthy stress and depression.

I have always had a strong belief that you create your own adventure. The right equipment and clothing that will endure  makes it easier and more fun to go out. With Nordic Adventure we have compiled what we as guides love to use and wear out. Like its owner, it will grow old with patina and tell its own story. And the adventure is never far away... I urge you to see more sunsets, plunge into a frozen lake and try to find new and exciting views.

/// Ludwig Lind, owner Mountain adventure and Nordic Adventure

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Except for bears. Bears will kill you.

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